Crafting Awesomeness…

Kiran Raj is a UAE based Media Production Strategist who enjoys crafting striking visuals.

Believe In…

Working with brave people to inspire people through simple, meaningful visuals. This is want I believe in.


I am a cinematographer based in Dubai, UAE. I completed my Bachelor of Arts & Laws in 2010 from Kerala. Skilled cinematographer and video editor with ten years of experience in television online and motion picture production. Hard-working creative thinker who is an expert in the technical aspects of film photography. Skilled at recognizing and framing valuable shots. Proficient in the operation and placement of photographic equipment. Excellent interpersonal skills allow effective interaction with a variety of people, from directors to crew members to post-production teams. Expertise in devising workable budgets and obtaining necessary equipment. Detail-oriented yet artistic. Adept at blending creative vision with extensive technical knowledge and practicality

EDS FZE – Express Digital Systems a Social Media & Digital Marketing Company


2017, to present · Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meet the clients developing storylines preparing the LINE production budget and execution. Meet with directors in the pre-production stage to develop an artistic vision and determine the necessary equipment and staff. Hire camera crews and other personnel. Devise and manage workable budgets for film production at all stages. Work closely with post-production teams


SENIOR Cinematographer, Editor & Production Strategist

2016 – 2017  · Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operate motion picture cameras to record scenes. Compose and frame all shots, using technical aspects of light, camera settings,filters,and film to capture the effect wanted by directors. Adjust controls and positions of cameras and related equipment to change focus, exposure, and lighting.Consult with directors, sound and lighting technicians, electricians, and other crew members to discuss and determine assignments, filming sequences, camera movements, desired effects, and lighting requirements.

My Works